-The game-

“Gimme Your Heart” is a kind of adventure/ puzzle game where you have to give one of your heart in exchange to progress trough the story. Adorable balloons, fancy snakes…Funny and eccentric characters awaits through your short adventure! Anyway It was very fun creating this!

-First experience-

It was my first time making a game. I know nothing about programming, I just like to do pixel art and create characters and stories. Not having basics or time is hard, but is very challenging

-Made with GB Studio-

The game was made in GB Studio, I just discovered the program a few days ago together with tiled… It is easy but of course has a lot of limits. It was very easy to built since GB Studio supports web. You will also be able to play It on your smartphone!



thanks to @RichardULZ on twitter I was able to resolve the corrupted text box, thank you so much!

There is a bug in the big map with the house and the last map, the dialogue box appears corrupted and I have no idea why.


Special thanks to @CornetTheory for the music, @caranha for helping me out at @picopicocafe , together with @lexaloffle, @the_nomi, @riconpi , the other people jamming... and you, the player!

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TagsGame Boy, gb-studio, Ludum Dare 44, Pixel Art, Retro


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Short but very cute ;)

Woah, that was fast (and nice). Tough the gameplay was too shallow, I want to see more works from you!


Thank you! Working from 0 in 3 days has just Its limits (I also lack skills). I really want to work more properly on this, I'm planning to do something more with It when I will have a bit more time..!  

I really enjoyed the game! Thank you for it ^___^ I'm gonna come back to play it again :)

Thank you!! I'm glad you like It^^

Lovely. :D


Thank you so much Zach! (especially for telling me how to use Tiled lol)

My pleasure! Glad you found it easy to use. It's nice when open source tools work out nicely. :D